Bloom Day, April 15, 2011

This is my first Bloom Day of the season!  It is cold here in West Michigan.  And windy.  And while the bloom “pickin’s” are pretty slim, there are pickin’s!  I am amazed at the heather.  It bloomed in December, and it is blooming now.  I suspect that under all the snow we got this winter, there were tiny little purple flowers just doing their thing.  And, the violets that seem to thrive despite all my efforts to rid my lawn and gardens of them, have popped out.



6 thoughts on “Bloom Day, April 15, 2011

  1. I did not realize your were posting again. I have not been back in awhile. You have about the same weather wise as us. I scrolled down and saw orchids and snow. That has been about all i had to offer until late too.

  2. I have those violets as well. At first, I thought they would perform as a great ground cover, but I have learned they want to spread everywhere. I keep some, but I thin them out a lot. Having said all that, they are pretty when the bloom….yours are lovely!

  3. Hi Nancy! Our spring is also cool and wet. But, as you said, the flowers are just doing their thing! Are your violets ‘labrador’violets? I planted some and quickly realized that they spread very fast. I allow them to spread in that particular part of the garden. I think they are much prettier than some weeds!

    • Tatyana, the violets that spring up in, um, spring are wild. I have a neighbor down the street whose front yard is full of them and I think they’ve wandered down the block. I am always digging them out. But in early spring, because they are one of the few plants that are blooming, I at least take their picture.


  4. Its good to know that spring is on its way for you. Violets are lovely, but they do seed everywhere, I was about to pull lots of mine out when I found that they are essential food plants for the Orange Tip butterflies here in the UK, so they stayed !

    • Pauline, the violets that plague me are basically weeds. I have not seen any butterflies yet, so I don’t think my violet vigilance is having an adverse effect on any critters. I noticed that today, our first warm spring day, that all sorts of buzzing things had found the heather. But I noticed none on the violets. Perhaps the heather is tastier. 🙂

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