Garden 337

A cottage garden in an urban setting

Five Minutes a Day

How can you create a perennial flower bed?

Start small.

When I was a kid growing up in Flint, Michigan, I absolutely hated working in my mothers flower bed. My job was to weed around whatever flowers were planted there. And I have no clue what those flowers were. Now, I love puttering around in my gardens. How did I grow from being a bored and reluctant kid to a garden-loving 74 year old senior citizen with rheumatoid arthritis and a history of cancer?

Step by step.

My gardens evolved over time.

If you are completely overwhelmed by an untidy conglomeration of foliage, start small. Tidy up only what you can do in a few minutes. As soon as you feel frustrated, pack it in for the day, or at least a couple of hours. Tomorrow is another day in the garden.

Be kind to yourself! Do NOT expect to turn your existing beds into a garden that looks like this this in a week. This garden took 17 years to create. But there are some tricks that you can use in the first few weeks that will give great satisfaction. And, if you can’t get into your garden every day, the world will not end, and you are not a weak and lazy person.

Share your frustrations and successes if you have had them by leaving a comment here.

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About Me

I haven’t always been a gardener, but I have always loved gardens. It has taken 16 years to get my gardens into the shape they are today. And, I’ve had help. I’m 74 years old, have rheumatoid arthritis, and had a late stage cancer six years ago. I am, though, intrepid. I’m the kind of person who plods along, tailoring my goals as I go. Last November I had a long overdue knee replacement surgery and I’m hoping this spring, summer, and fall will be able to maintain and find even more joy working in all of my garden beds. Full disclosure, though. I have a garden guy who comes once a week to work in my gardens.


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