I am a gardener.  It takes a certain amount of courage to say that with confidence, but I think I’ve mustered the skill and the confidence.  This is the story of my garden.  I have lived in this house since June 23, 2006. The yard was in sad shape then, overgrown and untended.  I think the previous owner had delusions of garden, but she didn’t take care of her beds.  And she didn’t plan them well.  So, I ripped everything out and started from scratch.  I have to admit that I hired a landscaper to do the front yard. The lovely sweep of boxwoods and the hydrangea hedge were his idea, as was the bald cypress that anchors the north west corner.  He also put in the beautiful brick entrance way that makes such a grand statement.  Forgive the ubiquitous garden hose.

That’s Callie, the calico cat, in the doorway.  The cat that lives with the pana rhododendrons is much easier to care for, but slightly less entertaining.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi! I love the photos of your garden, you are an amazing gardener! I live very close to you and would love a chance to take photographs of your garden. If you are interested (if you’d let me visit you I have new perennials I’d love to give you) please e-mail me at sproutsshootsandsunshine@gmail.com

    • Sprouts, your blog lead me to Blotanical!! What a wonderful website. I’m waiting to hear that my blog has been approved. But in the meantime, I’ve been happily wandering all over the world looking at gardens.

      Thank you!!

  2. I haven’t looked at your gaden blog in over a year (or more) and happily found it roaming my internet favorites. Wow! You are a magician. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. My garden is looking good this year, but in our arid climate nothing can be as lush as what you have done. (I analyzed my soil a few years ago and it is mostly sand.) I try to stick to native plants that are drought tolerant, and then use a lot of what I’ve learned is successful. Keep up the beautiful work and the energy it takes to do it.
    Your California Cousin

  3. Hi! Very nice blog! I am also very close to you and would love to get together and “talk gardens” or trade plants if you desire. I have a huge garden but unfortunately don’t blog. I am working on writing a gardening book, however. Email me if you are interested in getting together! I hope we have a wonderful 2013 gardening season!

  4. I live in Grand Rapids! Are you up for a new garden friend? I would love to come and meet you and see your garden. It would be such a pleasure! Email me if you have any interest in that! Thanks!

  5. Hi, I just want to thank you for the beautiful flowers you gave me at the Farmers Market. I love all kinds of foliage. Ruth Koster

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