Bloom Day, August 15, 2011

This Bloom Day finds one day lily still blooming.  Good old reliable First Knight continues to deliver.

First Knight Day Lily

But though the day lilies have gone, the Tardiva and Limelight hydrangeas are following nicely.

Tardiva Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea

And, the old Rose of Sharon is still blooming.  The butterflies and hummingbirds love it.  The hummingbirds are beginning to migrate, so the tree is a welcomed dining opportunity.

Old Rose of Sharon

The Mac and Cheese echinacea  provides a wonderful warmth to the garden.  And, the Pink Double Delight has really taken off.

The Moonflowers have done their usual vigorous thing.  I had to cut them back because they completely blocked the path.  The moths love them at night.


But also blooming is the white phlox.  And it provides the perfect backdrop for the red carpet rose that seems to love its spot in the Secret Garden.

The caryopteris is just beginning to bloom.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to pull out most of it in the fall.  It is just too big for the space I have.  I hate to see those wonderful blue spires go, but they’ve become too much of a good thing.

One of my favorite hostas is also blooming today.  Stained Glass has lovely fragrant blossoms.  I often cut hosta flower stalks off because I think they look messy.  But I let Stained Glass bloom all it wants.

Stained Glass Hosta

Blue Knight Caryopteris

Pink Double Echinacea

Marigold Bed in the Lower Garden

White Phlox and Red Carpet Rose

Mac and Cheese Echinacea

May 15, 2011 Bloom Day

It’s been a sing-y kind of day.  I sang two solos at the 8:30 service, with the choir at 11:00, and then at a concert at 3:00.  I almost missed Bloom Day!  And while the gardens are full of promise, there isn’t a lot blooming today.  Storms knocked the lovely magnolia blossoms to the ground where they are turning into brown mulch.  And the same storms took out the cherry blossoms.  And because the temps have been so cool, I wondered if any bees would find the cherry tree.  But, we had several warm and sunny days and the tree vibrated with bees.

The brunnera are still blooming.  It was well past 9:00 p.m. when I took these and I could barely see.  I had to guess on the focus and it’s obvious I didn’t guess well.

Esther Staley Lilac

Also blooming are some of the early lilacs.  The Esther Staley and the Mme LeMoine are blooming.  But the President Grevy has one bloom.  It is the tallest of the three bushes and was planted at the same time as the other two, but it has been the most reluctant bloomer.  I think I’m going to prune it back and feed it and hope for the best next year.

I broke down and bought annuals this week.  So, the front entrance garden has a hot spot of red geranium.  And, I planted marigolds along the side and in front of the boxwoods.  While I would love to see red in front of the hedge, neither salvia nor red petunias filled in enough to give me the look I wanted.  Marigolds have done the job in the past, so marigolds it is this year.

The Bleeding Heart (dicentra) are bl00ming, too.  They are a bit late, I think.  But spring is late.  I always buy pots of purple petunias because they usually have the most wonderful vanilla scent.  In the evening, one of my favorite times in the gardens, I can walk past those pots and breathe in that heady scent.  I love it.

Purple Petunias in Front of Bleeding Heart

Red Geraniums in Entrance Garden Pots

Mme LeMoine Lilac

Looking Glass Brunnera

Bloom Day, April 15, 2011

This is my first Bloom Day of the season!  It is cold here in West Michigan.  And windy.  And while the bloom “pickin’s” are pretty slim, there are pickin’s!  I am amazed at the heather.  It bloomed in December, and it is blooming now.  I suspect that under all the snow we got this winter, there were tiny little purple flowers just doing their thing.  And, the violets that seem to thrive despite all my efforts to rid my lawn and gardens of them, have popped out.



Bloom Day, August 15, 2010

Well, we’re not in July anymore.  The day lilies are all but done.  The hydrangeas are darkening.  And the anemones are beginning to bloom.  A friend did some phantom gardening in the secret garden a couple years ago.  He plunked two little bits of anemone, one pink, the other white.  This is the first year they have bloomed.  The pink ones are in a sunnier part of the garden, so they have come on first.

Below are the today’s bloomers.

The Ever-blooming and Sweet-smelling Wild Berry Breeze Hansa Rose

Julia Child Rose

Wild Spice Hansa Rose

Tardiva Hydrangea


Hidcote Lavender in Front of Cannas

Veronica and Moonbeam Coreopsis

Phlox, Purple Fragrant Angel Coneflower, and Pink Anemone. Red Geraniums Add A Little Heat.

Datura, Nicotiana, and a Pot of Red Geraniums, All Fuzzed Together.

Phlox, Red Carpet Rose, and Red Geraniums

Red Impatiens with Stitch in Time, Allegan Fog, Dream Weaver, and Ghost Dancer Hostas

Cannas and Marigolds

Assorted Pots in the Entrance Garden

Despite a Hard Pruning Several Weeks Ago, White Dawn Continues to Bloom

Only the Coral Bells And Impatiens Are Blooming, But I Love This Shady Bed Under the Magnolia

Bloom Day, July 15, 2010

Moonbeam Coreopsis and Petunia

Canna and an Gladiola That Survives Every Winter

Petunias in Front of Caryopteris in Front of Annabelle Hydrangea

A Few Geranium Blooms in Front of Variegated Caryopteris

Ruby Stella Daylily in Front of Caryopteris

Rosey Returns Daylily in Front of Limelight Hydrangea

Old Rose of Sharon

Red Carpet Rose

Julia Child Rose

Kim's Knee High Echinacae with Catmint and Guara


Rhapsody in Blue Rose

Veronica Spicata Sunny Border Blue

(far left) Crystal Pinot, (left) Dark Red Daylily, (center) Lemon Daylily Left by Previous Owner, (bottom) Lavender Stardust, (far right) First Knight

Tardiva Hydrangea

Various Coreopsis, with Kim's Knee High and Fragrant Angel Coneflower, and Phlox Paniculata David in Back


Rose Campion, Zagreb Coreopsis, Salvia in Front of Liatris Spicata Floristan White

Barbara Mitchell Daylily

Prairie Blue Eyes Daylily

Mac and Cheese Coneflower

White Mandeville

Cannas and Hidcote Lavender

Abraham Darby David Austin Rose

Bumblebee and Honeybee on Fragrant Angel Coneflower

Callie the Calico

Bloom Day, June 2010

Egads!  Lots of stuff is blooming and choosing just the right photos is difficult.  But here goes.

Bloom Day back gardens overview

Bloom Day Entrance Garden Overview

And now for the close ups, Mr. DeVille…

East nook at the side of the house. Petunias and Lavender

Just marigolds in front of cannas that have far to go

White Dawn Rose

Red Petunias, White Dome Hydrangeas, and a few Francis Williams Hostas in the Front Garden

Seboldiana hosta in the front garden under the magnolia

White Dome hedgerow in front yard

David Austin Falstaff in back yard rose medallion

David Austin Golden Celebration in back yard rose medallion

Julia Child rose in backyard rose medallion

Wild Spice hansa rose in medallion

Wildberry Breeze hansa rose in medallion

Unnamed geranium, White Dome Hydrangea, variegated caryopteris, threadleaf coreopsis

Old peony that may be as old as the house

Rose Campion, Zagreb Coreopsis, an East Friesland Slavia

Zagreb Coreopsis, East Friesland Salvia, and Cool Cat Catmint

Tiny Nancy Asiatic Lilies and red geraniums

Endless Summer Hydrangea and a Nikko Blue just starting to bloom

New Dawn Climbing Rose

Red Astilbe (unnamed), Various Coral Bells, wonderfully vanilla scented petunias, plus a couple of Great Expectations Hostas

Cannas and Hidcote Lavender

The last of the Cheddar Pinks

Red Carpet Rose

Mac and Cheese Echinacea

Royal Candles Veronica and Lady's Mantle, plus Jean Davis Lavender that is just starting to show it's delightful pink color


False Lupine against Purple Petunias