Spring, Finally

It’s here.  And, it’s official because the bees have found the heather.  I actually couldn’t tell whether the bees were tiny carpenter bees or some sort of wasp.  I did see two honey bees with their legs thick with balls of pollen.

There are chickadees making a nest in the cherry tree.  They are burrowing deeper and deeper into the stump of a cut-off branch and I find myself wondering whether they can do damage to the tree.  They started this burrow from scratch.  There was no woodpecker hole or any other sort of hole there before.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the old rose hips that hung on over the winter.  But just a few feet from them are the rhododendrons.  These bloom earlier than the Panas .  I wish I knew the name of these rhoddies, but I don’t.

Leathery White Dawn Rose Hips

Rhododendron Buds


Magnolia in Bud

3 thoughts on “Spring, Finally

  1. So glad Spring has caught up with you, it is the most fantastic time of year, my favourite. I want it all to slow down, but we are having a heat wave over here at the moment, we need some rain please !!!

  2. It’s kinda hard to differentiate the insects sometimes. I really have many varieties that I can’t be sure of their names. I had the bees with the pollen sac too. Bees are always so busy moving around, it isn’t easy to share some clear shots. Glad to hear that Spring has finally arrived for you. You do have some gorgeous flowers already. Thank you for slugging it out.

  3. Hi! Just to let you know that I’ve selected your caption and have put a link to your blog. Thank you for contributing to the fun around. I have 2 new photos awaiting for captions. Feel free to participate if you wish. Selected captions will be published next week.

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