Walzing into Spring

The first blush of blooms have faded and it is time for the next dance.  This would be prime gardening time, but I am spending a few days in Glen Arbor, grooving on Lake Michigan, interesting shops, and rock hunting.  I did take a few pictures before I left.  The Pana’s were beginning to bud out and I may miss part of their show.  It’s too bad they don’t last longer.

One of my favorite spots in the front garden is under the magnolia tree.  The bed pictured below has just hostas and heuchera, but the coral bells add just the right amount of color.  I’m annoyed with myself for not keeping better track of the new hostas I planted last fall.  I know which ones are Strip Tease.  And I know which one is Lakeside Captain.  But I’m really not sure what else I put in.  Somewhere there are tags.  I put them in a good place.  Really.

Hostas and Heucheras Under the Magnolia

Pana Rhododendron