Garden 337

A cottage garden in an urban setting


  • Walzing into Spring

    The first blush of blooms have faded and it is time for the next dance.  This would be prime gardening time, but I am spending a few days in Glen Arbor, grooving on Lake Michigan, interesting shops, and rock hunting.  I did take a few pictures before I left.  The Pana’s were beginning to bud… Continue reading

About Me

I haven’t always been a gardener, but I have always loved gardens. It has taken 16 years to get my gardens into the shape they are today. And, I’ve had help. I’m 74 years old, have rheumatoid arthritis, and had a late stage cancer six years ago. I am, though, intrepid. I’m the kind of person who plods along, tailoring my goals as I go. Last November I had a long overdue knee replacement surgery and I’m hoping this spring, summer, and fall will be able to maintain and find even more joy working in all of my garden beds. Full disclosure, though. I have a garden guy who comes once a week to work in my gardens.