Garden Season

I am taking an online course in 21st Century Literacies and had to create something. So, I made a “movie” that depicts a season’s worth of pictures.  I’m no Ken Burns, but, then, Ken had to start somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Garden Season

  1. BRAVO It sounds like your voice? Is it? Very pretty transition, flow, and direction. Thank you Nancy. I’m sick in bed with a cold today and watched your video again, can’t remember if I commented before, now is good. I am sleeping off and on, making tea and soup in my dreams.

    1. Nope,not my voice. I’m a mezzo. The nice lady singing is a soprano. I do sing Morgen, but not in that key. You’re going to love the new brick pathways. The next time you come down, bring rocks!!!! 🙂 I need more Patty rocks!!

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