Bloom Day: March 15

I did not expect to have anything to offer this month.  Often snow still covers the gardens.  Or cold March winds convince reluctant early bloomers to stay wrapped in frost proof jackets.  But we have had a strangely warm winter and an early hint of spring.  Temperatures today were in the 70’s.  And though I know this cannot last, I am enjoying the warmth while it is here.

And though the temperatures are warm, March days are still short.  But there were two blooms today: a hellabore and a crocus.  My Nikon’s battery was not charged and so I had to take these with my phone, not the best of instruments, I’m afraid.  Or, perhaps it is the photographer who needs to bear the blame.

~ by garden337 on March 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Bloom Day: March 15”

  1. This may be a GBBD, but I loved your blue garden cat. it’s been such a strange winter for us in upstate NY – and we didn’t even get the snow you did the other day. I hope snow is gone for good!

    • Alana, I have a hunch that winter is going to return. And it will nip a lot of things that are trying to bud out. But I sure am lovin’ the 70 degree temps.

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