Bleak Late Winter

Snowy Morning

It’s been a somewhat gentle winter here in West Michigan.  We haven’t had all that much snow, though the ground at the moment is covered.  We got about six inches Saturday.  Last weekend, though,  it was actually warm enough for me to go on a 10 mile ride on my Terra Trike.  I wore four layers and a funny hat, and I stayed toasty warm.  Well, my feet got cold.  Next time I’ll wear more layers on my feet, too.  I thought the fur-lined boots would do the trick, but they didn’t.

I confess I haven’t done any close looking at the garden.  The older I get, the more sensitive to cold I seem to be.   But the heavy snow we got this weekend turned the garden into a fairy land. It makes me feel a little better about the fact that I didn’t get to all the fall cleanup that I generally do.


2 thoughts on “Bleak Late Winter

  1. There is something magical about the look of a garden under new-fallen snow — especially the heavier, wetter, sticky type like you seem to have here. Beautiful!

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