Bloom Day, September 15, 2010

And the garden keeps on tickin’!  Today the Sweet Autumn Clematis and the Caryopteris are the stars.  But the hansa roses continue to bloom, as do the hydrangeas.  Though, the hydrangeas have all gone into their late flower mode where the petals darken.  But this is the perfect time to pick those flower heads for winter bouquets.  Young flower heads wither.  But the mature heads dry beautifully.

Below are today’s blooms.

Petunias, geraniums, and Caryopteris in front of the staddle (a reproduction of a support for grain storage buildings that discourages rodents)

Petunias and Caryopteris

Caryopteris and Rose of Sharon that is still blooming

Marigolds in front of Holly. Note the new wire supports for Clematis. I removed the old Peonies Sunday.

Carpet Rose

Hansa Roses

A Halo of Sweet Autumn Clematis at the Entrance to the Secret Garden

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Snow Fairy Blue Mist Caryopteris (Variegated)

The Over-exhuberant Datura

White Anemone

Nicotiana and Datura

Phlox and Mandevilla

Pink Anemone, Geraniums, David Austin Rose (Abraham Derby), Caryopteris, and Coreopsis

Tardiva Hydrangea


Guara and Catmint (Cool Cat, and Salvia

Kim's Knee High Coneflower Against Holly

5 thoughts on “Bloom Day, September 15, 2010

    • Oh, if you only knew how “not laid out” my garden is. It all just sort of happens in little moments. I try something and if I don’t like it, I yank it out. In fact, I suddenly decided the dappled willow was too unruly and didn’t provide the texture I wanted. So, I made it disappear!

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