Enter Caryopteris!

At last the Caryopteris is blooming!  It seems late this year, but perhaps it is just my impatience.  I have Blue Beard and Blue Knight, and unless I consult the garden book, which is upstairs, I don’t know which one I’m looking at.  Blue Knight has a slightly darker flower, I think.  I had Caryopteris in my Portland garden, but it never did as well.  It loves the gravely soil here at 337.  In fact, the plan was to underplant it in front of the White Dome Hydrangeas.  But it gets taller than the White Domes as much as 12 inches.


Also blooming are the Anemones.  A friend did a little guerrilla gardening one summer day a few years ago.  And I’m so glad he did. I now have both pink and white Anemones.

Anemone and Honey Bee

The honey bees are happy that the Anemones are in the garden.

And though the dramatic blooming time is over, the garden continues to work its charm. But I’ll be so glad when the Dutchman’s Pipe fully conceals the supports and creates a solid west wall for the Secret Garden.  What’s the use of having a Secret Garden if it’s not a secret?

6 thoughts on “Enter Caryopteris!

  1. Your secret garden is lovely. Looks like a peaceful spot.

    Caryopteris is one of my favorite plants. And every size bee has a visit. I have made so many new plants from the seedlings and I have graced the gardens of friends with this plant. Introducing this plants to others has been rewarding. People do not realize how fast it grows and gets flowers. By the following year, they are calling to tell me how much they love it.Planting it among the hydrangea would be beautiful. The different textures would complement.

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