Shredded bark makes the garden pop!

Yesterday was mulch day and the garden looks wonderful with its fresh new covering.  And, four more arborvitae went in yesterday, too, with a little help from the guys who brought the mulch.  They also moved the broken fountain into the secret garden.  A friend tonight suggested I try aquarium glue on it.  It won’t be able to function as a fountain anymore, but the glue might make it water tight enough to serve as a bird bath.  It looks nice in its new location.

Broken fountain at the end of the secret garden

The nikko blue hydrangeas in front of it may overwhelm it in a couple of years, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.    Those are various heucheras in the foreground, with hostas, of course.  The orange leafed heurchera in the bottom left is Southern Comfort.  That is a Great Expectation hosta in the upper right.  There are actually three of those plus some others.  But the Great Expectations are looking particularly good this spring.  That’s the dreaded Virginia Creeper behind the fountain.  It makes a nice green wall.  The trick, of course, is to help it mind its manners.  It does like to sneak up on things.

I bought a Rhapsody in Blue floribunda rose at a family owned garden center a couple days ago and I am loving it’s beautiful plum blooms and its sweet fragrance. It has lovely white veins at the heart of the blossom.

Rapsody in Blue floribunda rose

I am struggling, though, with the side garden, the “false” garden.  I don’t like the way I have used the remaining flag stone.  It’s hard to walk on and just looks messy.  I need to rethink.  I also haven’t figured out the lines of the garden yet. But the new arborvitae look good.

False garden

I thought I would include a picture here of the back of the garden lady sculpture.  I love the braid.

Garden lady sculpture

That is a tardiva hydrangea in the center.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the day lilies in bloom in July.

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