The uncessary death of a fountain

I’ve been kicking myself all day.  I decided last evening to clean the fountain and get it up and running.  I have to tip it back and forth the get the dirty water out and as I was doing that, the whole top came loose.  I never covered it last winter.  The first big snow came and I thought I would cover it as soon as that first significant snow melted.  It didn’t and the ice cracked it.  I can’t believe I was so stupid!  I ordered another fountain today and am hoping I can move the cracked fountain to someplace else in the garden.  I’ll put a shallow basin in it and use it as a bird bath.  I mixed a little cement and patched it, but that patch will never hold up to the constant movement of water.  This is an expensive mistake.

But the bed of heuchera in the secret garden is thriving.  I decided two years ago to plant only varieties that have food names: Ginger Ale, Peach Melba, Chocolate Swirls, Lime Rickey, etc.  I have some Palace Purples in front, and I planted one Encore a year ago in celebration of my yearly recital.  But today I picked up two Plum Puddings and another Peach Melba.  This is such a silly conceit.

Coral Bells beneath the Kousa Dogwood

Coral Bells across the path from the dogwood

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