Bleeding Heart

Three or four years ago I planted two bleeding hearts in a little corner.  Behind it is an old rambler rose that a neighbor gave me the first summer I moved in.  It is doing well, but the bleeding heart is thriving.  I planted another one behind the garage in a little corner, but it doesn’t get warm sun early in the day, and it doesn’t have sun warmed bricks to urge it on.

Bleeding Heart

I realized last summer that my little Olympus camera, though a little work horse, could not take the kinds of pictures that I wanted to take.  So, gulp, yesterday, in anticipation of my tax refund, I bought a Nikon D3000.  This may be too much of a work horse, but it was on clearance and I needed to strike when that sale price was hot.  By the time the battery was charged, it was dark, so the first pictures I took were of the cat.  This morning, though, I took shots of the bleeding heart.  I’m off to get more fertilizer, and may take more pictures when I get back.

Ah, spring.  🙂

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