A Stitch in Time Hosta

I scored the jackpot today, both in lavendars and in hostas.  I went to Byron Center’s  K Gardens.  They had several Stitch in Time hostas, and, though it was expensive,  I  bought one.  Here it is.

stitch in time hosta

stitch in time hosta

I hope it is very happy under the kousa dogwood.  I bought two other hostas–ghost spirit and allegan fog.  Those two have some similar qualities and should get larger than stitch in time.  So, I hope they provide an interesting backdrop for the little show piece.  I planted two dream queens that I picked up last week in the same bed, which is a new hosta bed.  It is directly across from a bed that I started at the end of the summer in 2008. That bed is deliciously abundant this year.   The splash of chartreuse is a new coral bell that I put in a week or so ago.    The idea here is to pull the greens of the hostas just a little bit further, but to also break up all that green and cream with the splash of red astilbe and the red coral bell varieties.  The pinkish red coral bell is call encore–just the perfect name for a singer.


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