Pink Day Lilies

There used to be only two color choices when it came to day lilies: yellow or orange.  But those clever lily growers have, in the past few years, developed all kinds of lovely pink lilies.  And some of those have landed in my garden.   The lovely flower here is Prairie Blue Eyes.

P7090194I’m off to a garden center where I hope I can find a couple of different varieties of lavendar.  My goal at the moment is to put in as many different lavendars as possible.

But I have to comment about all the adolescent robins that live in my neighborhood.  They love to splash around in the fountain.  There is one right now, though, sitting on top of one of the supports for the dutchman’s pipe.  His breast is a little lighter than many of the others.  And now he (or she?) has flown away.  But another is sitting on the rim of the fountain looking ever so much like a discontented socialite unamused by the absence of fine china or something.  Poor robin.

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