Dutchman’s Pipe

Three summers ago I planted a number of dutchman’s pipe vines that would create a green wall around part of the secret garden.  This year that wall is finally filled in.   P7020189That’s it behind me.

I’m standing behind a couple of white dome hydrangeas that run along a battered picket fence.  The wonderful surprise is that the white domes are fragrant.  I notice it particularly at night.

Several days ago I bought some white fleshed donut peaches.  Today I knew I had to do something with them.  So, I put together something with a little sugar, the juice from half a lemon and some cinammon.  I put pie crust on top, so it will be some sort of top only peach pie.  It’s baking now and smells heavenly.

A friend picked gallons of cherries from the old cherry tree in the back yard and then gave me some of her loot.  I pitted the cherries, cooked them with a little sugar, and then pureed them.  I was going to make cherry chutney but knew I didn’t want to use all of the puree for that.  And then I didn’t have jars, and I didn’t feel like creating a mess.  So, I poured the puree into mini muffin tins and stuck them in the freezer.  When they are solid, I’ll dump them out of the tins, put them in freezer bags, and use the little lumps for whatever I happen to want or need at the time–chutney, a little bit of jam, or something else delictable.  Happiness is flexibility.

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