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More Blues for Pats

How could I forget five of my favorite blues?!

Stokesia blooms in July and has the most wonderful fuzzy touchable flowers.  One of my clumps was trampled by a painter earlier this spring, but has bounced back and is getting ready to bloom.   The picture below was taken last summer.  P1010017These remind me a bit o f bachelor buttons, but the plant is so much better behaved.

Another great garden blue is Russian Sage.  I planted mine last summer and it is now well established.  It’s not in bloom yet, and I planted it too late last year to see any blooms.

But catmint is a terrific addition to a perennial bed.  I planted some last year, but it didn’t survive the winter.  In fact everything I planted by a large stone died, including two lavenders that I thought I couldn’t kill.  Perhaps the stone held the cold more?  We had a tough winter.  This catmint is taking hold very well and should survive just fine.

P6280170And there is more.  I’ve had balloon flowers in my gardens for years.  Last summer I planted two little clumps.  The buds are delightful. They are like little balloons, and then, poof, they open into big blue stars.

P6280168These sit in front of a child’s twig chair that is in turn nestled in front of White Dome Hydrangeas.

The last picture is of perennial salvia.  These are East Friesland Slavias.  They are almost gone now, and have flopped because of a hard rain, and, I suppose, the sprinkler.  As soon as the last of the blue disappears, I’ll cut them back.

The lovely pink flower behind the salvias is rose campion.  A neighbor gave me a little volunteer from her garden and it has grown wonderfully well in the bed next to my garage.


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