Rain and Moonflowers

We got a good spring rain yesterday, something we needed. The new plants loved it. Nothing works better than rain. Water from a sprinkler or a hose just isn’t the same.

A neighbor gave me a whole bunch of moonflower seedlings. I think I’ll put them in several pots to see how they behave. I understand they have the most wonderful fragrance. These do not seem to be the type of moonflower that twine around things like a morning glory. This is more of shrub, or plant with a spreading habit. The flowers look similar to moon vine, though. And both are fragrant, but the leaves of the plants I have are very different from the more morning glory-like plants I have found on the internet. I suspect they are datura inoxia.

3 thoughts on “Rain and Moonflowers

  1. You are absolutely right about the rain being better than water from a sprinkler or hose. Nothing else encourages the plants as well as rain, especially a nice warm rain in spring.

    I just heard on the news that our county has been shortchanged on the rain, also true. It started to rain last night and I told Mike, well, that’s going to last about two minutes. Yup, just two minutes.

    Oh well.

    Good luck with your moon flowers.


  2. If you are inclined to share the seeds from this years plants I would love to try my hand at planting them in a pot here in seattle this next year… I have a deeply personal relationship with these plants but I have actually never seen one up close and personal – they fascinate me.

  3. Hi there. I love moonflowers, and I am wondering if you might know something about them. I am currently living in the UK and have asked at every garden center I know of if they sell moonflower seeds/plants. They all say no, which to me is rather strange. I wonder if they are called something else in England?? Just thought you might know.

    My grandmother gave me the nickname of Moonflower Child when I was about 2-4 months old. My mother became very ill after childbirth and was hospitalized for several months, while my grandmother (a lovely redheaded woman with a marvelous southern drawwwwl, whom i call Nanny), raised me. When I cried at night, which was most nights, she’d take me out onto the back porch (it was summer, I was born in June) and rock me to calm me, and in the wee early hours, just before the sun came up, she could see her moonflowers – thus, I was her little Moonflower child. Most people think it’s a hippie nick name, but not even close :o)

    Wow, I am rambling to a stranger – so sorry, lol! Anyhoo, if you know anything about English Moonflowers, or what they might be called her, that would be great! I hope yours did wonderfully this summer.


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