First Knight and Storm of the Century

My summer semester begins tomorrow and so my leisurely days in the garden will be a bit limited.  And, wouldn’t you know, today it has been stormy.  But I pulled a few weeds that had popped up.  And I deadheaded a few spent day lilies.  First Knight started blooming a couple days ago.  It is one of my favorites, even though it isn’t pink.

First Knight

My favorite day lily, Storm of the Century bloomed today.  I’ve included a picture here, though this first flower seems to have gotten a little bruised in its birthing process.

Several years ago a friend divided his crocosmia and gave me some of the extras.  But the little clumps of roots were, um, little.  And, I transplanted them several times before they found a permanent home.  Well, permanent in a garden is not quite possible.  Anyway, I found a couple plants at a garden center and planted those.  They bloomed a bit last year, but this year, it looks like I am going to get a nice show.  And, my friend’s crocosmia have long budded spires, too.  So, I’ll see these scarlet bird-like flowers in two places in the secret garden.  The clumps that my friend gave me are nestled in front of the dutchman’s pipe “wall.”  The plants I bought at a garden center are at the edge of the large day lily bed in the middle of the secret garden.    I thought the foliage would make a nice transition from the lilies to whatever else ends up next.  At the moment that is Tiny Nancy asiatic lilies.

Crocosmia Bud

And, remember the fountain that I killed?  The one that I never covered last winter and suffered a fatal crack?  The one that is now a planter in the Secret Garden?  Well, it’s replacement arrived this past week.  It’s burble is welcoming neighborhood birds, who found it within an hour.  I think I might even like this fountain more than the other one.

New Fountain

I went on the Ottawa Hills Garden Tour yesterday.  There were some lovely gardens, and, inspired by some of the things I saw, went to Phil’s Stuff hoping to find some little treasure to place in one of the gardens.   I bought two iron stakes with ornaments on the top.  I haven’t decided where to put them yet.  Maybe I’ll do that this evening.  I also picked up some annuals to plunk into some empty spaces, including a flat of nicotiana.

August Abundance

I postponed decisions about what to do at the corner of the garage after I had an old lilac removed.  I put in some annuals and two caryopteris.  If the other caryopteris in my garden are any indication, the two new ones will be huge next year.  P1010267 The alyssum certainly took off!

The dark blue is an annual salvia that I put in a number of places.  I like it, but I won’t use so much of it again.  It competes with the other blues and from a distance looks like lavender. And caryopteris is so wonderful.  See my two very larger caryteris plants below.

Bluebeard Caryopteris, August 09
Bluebeard Caryopteris, August 09

In fact, I may move one of them next spring.  I can’t see the white dome hydrangeas behind the second plant.

Speaking of hydrangeas, the tardiva is doing beautifully.   It was one of the first things I planted in the secret garden.  I didn’t really pay attention at the time to how big tardivas can get.  My day lilies could be in danger!

Tardiva, August 09
Tardiva, August 09

Lily season is just about over, but Storm of the Century is still giving out blooms.  This may be one of my favorites, though it may be too soon to tell. Some of the newer lilies won’t bloom until next year.  Below, tardiva and storm of the century nestle next to each other.

Tardiva and Storm of the Century, August 09
Tardiva and Storm of the Century, August 09