A Rain Blessed June

Tuesday evening we got more than four inches of rain within about 30 minutes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much rain fall so fast.  But it’s been a rainy June and the garden is almost too lush.  I’ve thinned some of the hostas already and no one would know.  The New Dawn climber is threatening to take over the fence.  And, actually, I don’t care.  I pruned the lilacs in hopes of getting more blooms next year and to give the climber some breathing room.

Lilies in the Center Island (and one calico cat)
New Dawn Climbing Rose
The Japanese Maple really filled out!
Friesland Salvia, Cool Cat Catmint, Liatris
The Lady waits for the daylilies
White Dome Hydrangea
The cherries are almost ready to pick!
Tribumphant Hostas: Stained Glass, Dream Weaver, Great Expectations, June, and Regal Splendor