September Bloom Day

There is something about the light in September, especially at magic hour before sunset when the sun is bright but lower in the sky.  The gardens are bathed in golden light and petals are backlit.

Here is what is blooming today in the garden.


The potted geranium lights up against the early evening sun.


What would a late season garden be without annuals. These provide the bulk of the color in September. But, enough catmint is blooming to feed the native bees and butterflies.


I tend not to keep track of annual plant tags. So, I will just have to appreciate this nameless marigold for being hardy and lovely.


I am always amazed at the fragrance of Sweet Autumn clematis. It has been looking fairly puny this summer, and though I wish it had grown farther up the arbor, I have to love the abundance of white fragrant flowers.


A friend gave me this pink anemone years ago. It’s been moved a couple times, but continues to thrive against the garage.


The queen of the garden might just be this hibiscus. It is at least seven feet tall.