View from above

From the balcony

I took this photo from the balcony this morning.  It indicates that I forgot to put the perennial spade in the garage last night, and I left a container out, too.  Sigh.  But it also shows the lines of the lower garden and the Secret Garden.  I can barely see the new rose I bought Saturday–a floribunda named Rhapsody in Blue.  I transplanted two of the carpet roses to the border across the way and put Rhapsody in where they were.

I also dug up the pygmy barberries for perhaps the fourth time.  They were in the “false garden.”  But I stumbled on lamiastrum galeobdolon (false lamium, Herman’s Pride) at a garden center on Saturday.  So I took the barberry out and will put the lamiastrum there.  I’m really struggling with the false garden.  I don’t know whether I need to abandon the idea or tough it out.  The false indigo isn’t as big as I thought I would be.  And I can’t tell whether the false lupine survived.  I think it didn’t, but there is one plant I can’t identify.  I’m hoping I wrote it down in the garden book, but…

I also bought two peonies and put those in last night.  One is white.  The other is red.  The white one went over near the Rose of Sharon. The red one went near the entrance to the Secret Garden.  There was a space there that needed filling.  I also planted a Striptease hosta that for some reason never got planted last fall.  It survived in its pot all winter, so I gave it a better home in the Secret Garden with some other hostas.

I dug the holes for the next four arborvitae last night.  I wonder if I can wrestle them into place by myself.  A friend helped with the first four.  Stay tuned.  We’ll have to see what I get accomplished today. I’m going to get some red petunias for the front yard and perhaps some other annuals to put in containers.

I wonder when the shredded bark will arrive….