Hard frost

Our cold weather has lingered and a frost even nipped a few things.  The dutchman’s pipe got a little bitten by frost, and so did the variegated caryopteris.  They will bounce back, though.  I found a bud on the Julia Child rose.  Last year only the hansa roses did well.  I think my soil needed some amending.  So, I’ve amended, and I promise to get a better jump on the black spot that, because of the mulch, I can probably never quite banish.  Our cold snap has paused my over-eager buds.

I took this photo of my garden lady last week, and since it’s really too cold, windy, and wet to enjoy taking pictures, I’ll post this one.  I’ve named her Maeve.  She’s an earth goddess.

Maeve, the garden lady who watches over my secret garden. The scuptor is Casey Bell.