Summer Prelude: GBBD

I got a bit of a late start planting annuals and pots because the shredded bark had to go in first. But, the bark went in and so did most of the annuals. I’ve also planted more containers to add color and interest. We are having a wonderful June with moderate temps and enough rain. Best of all, the gardens don’t know there is a pandemic.

Many thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

The entrance garden is happy with its containers and the newly trimmed boxwood hedge.
This summer it will be white begonias that will grace the curve.
And who doesn’t love Walker’s Low catmint. Except for the purple and white pots, I made the others. The trick is to load the pots so densely that you don’t think you can get anything in it. And then more. I thank Paul Zammit, Horticulturist at Toronto’s City Gardens for that wonderful lesson.
Gardens are always about patience. I a couple weeks this bed , part of the fence installation aftermath a year ago, will look lush and in the evening those purple petunias will give off their wonderful vanilla fragrance.
The bleeding heart is almost done and the old white climbing rose is handing out a few blooms.
Forgive the drip line, but feel free to enjoy this pot full of annuals.
Alcamella in the Secret Garden is always welcome.
Lucy is under the impression that she can help fill the pots in the Secret Garden. I don’t think so.
The Garden Lady is protecting this random Persian Star allium. I didn’t plant it, but every year at least one will pop up somewhere.
More pots in progress in the Secret Garden. There are two new climbing roses, planted last fall, that survived the winter and are showing off their peachy blooms. Do I know the name of these roses? Of course not. The ability to keep track and label have left me. I blame it on the dogs.
Another pot in the Secret Garden. The Amsonia is just finishing its show. The white “litter” behind it are petals from a mock orange.
And, here is the mock orange. Sadly, it is not very fragrant. The three pots here get a mix of sun and shade. I went drip line crazy and asked the irrigation guy to put in a bunch of extra ones.
This nicely behaved perennial geranium provides some early color to this spot in the Secret Garden.
This geranium is not very tidy and rather than fight her scraggly manner, I’m going to yank her out and put something more gentile in her place.
The last peony. I picked all of the others right before a storm came through.

6 thoughts on “Summer Prelude: GBBD

    • It’s been more difficult this year buying plants for the pots. Nurseries, uncertain about when the season would begin, didn’t order or plant as this spring. I can’t find any marigolds which is pretty weird. And, the impatiens are pretty skimpy, too. But, we gardener types muddle through.

    • Thank you! I bought the garden lady from a sculptor who used to live down the street from me. All of his human pieces look a bit like his wife.

  1. What a very nice garden you have. The flowers are lovely but I particularly like your “Garden Lady.” She exudes a sense of protective calm, something we all need more of these days.

  2. I know what you mean about the allium. Balloon flower and rudbeckia pop up in different places every year here. I think of them as non-conformist children.

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