It’s Bloom Day!!

See that dark green plant under the cherry tree? That is ONE Seboldiana Elegans. It has been divided and divided and divided. I have given divisions to friends in the hopes that it would control its growth. Wrong. It’s crowding out a Dreamweaver. The purple in the foreground is Walker’s Low Catmint. I love it and so do my 3 cats who go a little bit crazy when I bring them leaves and flowers.

Bloom Day always seems to come too quickly.  But that’s a good thing because I have to pause and pay attention to what is, well, blooming.  It’s June which means there is lots of blooming yet to come.  I still haven’t gotten some annuals planted.

It’s nice to see the white dawn climbing rose with so many blooms.

I love the tall allium and truly wish they would bloom a little longer. But the seed heads provide an interesting “architectural” element.

This is the entrance to the Secret Garden, and, again, there isn’t a lot of blooming going on, but there will be. The lavender in the foreground hasn’t quite opened up.

In the Secret Garden the current theme is green. That Japanese Maple must have loved our strange spring because I have never seen it that lush. I love this view of the Secret Garden, even if nothing at the moment is blooming.

The entrance garden features Walker’s Low catmint and that takes the eye in a narrow bed that draws my eye to the two large catmint plantings in the Lower Garden and to the entrance of the Secret Garden.

3 thoughts on “It’s Bloom Day!!

    • A friend’s neighbor removed a brick retaining wall and just wanted the bricks remove, so I got them for free. A different friend who lives in Maine told me that if I paid for her flight, she was install the bricks. I gave her total design freedom. Now, every time I walk through the garden I remember the story behind the pathways and it just makes the Secret Garden more charming.

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