Garden 337

A cottage garden in an urban setting

GBBD: July 15, 2015

Sweet William, marigolds, and Walker’s Low Catmint in the little nook between the  sun room and dining room.
White Dome Hydrangea, hardy geranium, and Zagreb Coreopsis in the lower garden. I almost yanked the coreopsis early this spring but am so glad I didn’t.
This is my new “lewd” hosta bed. At the moment the euphorbia and rose campion can stay, but as soon as the new hostas mature those two plants are going to need a new spot in the garden. What do I mean by “lewd?” This bed includes Seducer, Obscene Gesture, Naked Lady, Stiletto, Midnight at the Oasis, Boys Toy, She’s Got the Moves…You get the idea
This Wild Spice Hansa rose is on its second bloom cycle. This shrub rose give off such a wonderful fragrance.
Limelight hydrangea and Rosie Returns day lily in the lower garden.
Knock Out rose in the rose medallion.
I clumped a bunch of pots together so that the in-ground sprinkling system could water them while I was at a conference. I haven’t moved them back to their original spots and kind of like all the riot of color they bring to the rose medallion. That is Endless Summer hydrangea in the background.
Walker’s Low Catmint with Annabelle Hydrangea at the entrance to the Secret Garden.
Just inside the Secret Garden is Kim’s Knee High Echinacea next to Annabelle.
It’s day lily season!! Rosie Returns is putting on quite a show, but it’s not the only one. Next to Rosie Returns is Moonlight Coreopsis and Zagreb.
First Knight, the yellow day lily to the right, is one of my favorites. To the left is Sea Urchin. And, the crocosmia is doing its wonderful scarlet thing.
I keep thinking that I have gotten all of Pandora’s Box day lilies out of the Secret Garden, but I am continually wrong. Next to Pandora’s Box is my nameless dark, dark red day lily.
Echinacea from a garden buddy with Fragrant Angel Echinacea.
Sea Urchin day lily in the Secret Garden
The Garden Lady is surrounded by crocosmia and day lilies.
First Knight
Rosie Returns
This is one of my favorite spots in the garden. Great Expectations has finished blooming, but Stained Glass has new scapes and will bloom in a week or so. To the left are Cherry Berry and Allegan Fog.
That’s Deep Blue Sea on the left with Creamscicle just to its right. Little Aurora is in the foreground.
Fragrant Angel Echinacea
Grosso lavender and pink echinacea. I’m looking forward to seeing and smelling the asiatic lilies that are in bud.
I have an ever-growing love of native pollinators like bumble bees and am so pleased that so many native bee species visit my gardens.
A pretty little bend in the path in the Secret Garden.
New this season is White Pow Wow echinacea.

Many thanks to May Dreams Gardens for creating a space for garden bloggers to record what is bloom on the 15th of each month.

Here is what is blooming in Garden337.  It’s been a great gardening summer so far…


What more could you want: A cat statue, Rudbekia, and Walker's Low Catmint in the entrance garden.
What more could you want: A cat statue, Rudbekia, and Walker’s Low Catmint in the entrance garden.
Halcyon in the back door garden. That is Rhino Hide in the little pot to its right. This is it’s third year in that pot and it’s doing better and better. Rhino Hide gets much bigger so I will need to move it to a better spot when it decides to grow up.

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