After the Rains

The magnolia at night.

Grand Rapids experienced record flooding this spring.   Two weeks of driving rain filled the rivers and streams to over-flowing and prevented me for getting into the garden.  I was never in danger of flooding.  Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say that if the flood waters got to me, the world would be ending.  I’m at the top of a hill, what was once the bank of a stream, though, I supposed 10,000 years ago it was a raging river full of glacial ice melt.  Today it is about a quarter to a half mile away.

The old magnolia in the light of day.

But it’s May and everything is greening up, coming up, opening up.  The old magnolia burst into bloom yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the flowers against the yellow light of the street lamp.  In the daylight, of course, the flowers look like delicate porcelain cups.

The PJM rhododendrons are blooming, too.  Too bad they don’t last very long.  The panas are looking tired and stressed and this year may be their last.  Sometimes you just have to admit something isn’t working and rethink.

Now that my semester and the rain have ended I can focus on garden tasks.  I got the fountain up and running yesterday.  And I bought marigolds to plant in front of the emerald boxwoods.

Male rose breasted grosbeak in the old rose of sharon.

Spring migrating birds have been visiting the feeders.  This male Rose Breasted Grosbeak stopped by this week.  The white crowned sparrows also came through, as did a wood thrush.  I know various warblers are coming through, but my eye just isn’t discerning enough to identify them.  The grey catbirds are back, as are the brown headed cowbirds.

Last, I’ve added a Secret Garden photo.  This is what the entrance looks like today.  I wonder what it will look like next week…

The entrance to the Secret Garden today.  There's not much happening yet, but good things come to those who...
The entrance to the Secret Garden today. There’s not much happening yet, but good things come to those who…
The fountain is up and running.

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