March 15, Bloom Day

Well, it’s not exactly a bloom day since nothing at all is blooming.  But there are little signs that the earth will warm and the plants will bloom.  Over the winter I enjoyed seeing birds come to the feeders.  For some reason lots of cardinals decided to dine with me on a regular basis.  And, that intense red became my winter blooms.



DSC_0191 DSC_0192 DSC_0201 DSC_0211






6 thoughts on “March 15, Bloom Day

  1. So beautiful! I’ve really been enjoying your photos of the cardinals this past winter. I feel this spring is a bit more on schedule than last for us, don’t you? Happy belated bloom day!

  2. Those cardinals look like Christmas decorations in the tree! Recently, I have been hearing male cardinals singing their territorial spring mating song during my walks to work; spring really is coming.

    • Jean, I, too, thought they looked like Christmas decorations. The crocuses are now blooming (in other peopleLs gardens) and soon my dafs will be out.

  3. Sunil, they are very common here in Michigan, so we don’t think of them as exotic. But they are a welcomed burst of color during our deep winter.

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