Lilies in Heat

They say the heat dome that gave us temps in the 90’s has moved on, but it’s still hot and humid here in west Michigan.  But the day lilies know it is their time to shine, and shine they do!  It’s also time for the crocosmia and this is its best year.  I love that bright red.

Day Lilies and Crocosmia

But also blooming is the old rose of sharon.  The bees and the hummingbirds love it.

The Old Rose of Sharon in the Lower Garden

Rose of Sharon

A "Nameless" Day Lily

So, today, this is what the Secret Garden looks like.

2 thoughts on “Lilies in Heat

  1. This is daylily season in my garden, too. Mine seem to be suffering a bit from the mini-drought we’ve been having here (almost no rain in July), especially when combined with last week’s 90+ temperatures.

  2. Your nameless daylily is a super colour, like it very much. Our daylilies are just coming to the end now, they have been wonderful, putting on a good show for a month at least, wouldn’t be without them.Is your red crocosmia “Lucifer”, ours has been the focal point of the garden for ages now, they really are fantastic aren’t they, can’t miss them !

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