Can A Rose Choke A Rose of Sharon??

Old Rambler in the Rose of Sharon

It has always lurked at the picket fence that divides my yard from the neighbor’s, and I though I thought it was pretty, I really didn’t pay it much heed.  So, imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I saw deep crimson blooms in the rose of sharon.  First the tree gets pink flowers.  Second, it doesn’t bloom this early in the season.

The deep crimson is the old climbing rose that has grown tall and sturdy through the branches of the rose of sharon.  What a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Does anyone know whether a rambling rose can choke a rose of sharon?  Should I cut those canes that are so wonderfully laden with blooms?  Or should I nurture its rambling nature?

4 thoughts on “Can A Rose Choke A Rose of Sharon??

  1. If it were happening to mine, I would leave it. I would enjoy the red blossoms and if it’s a rebloomer, I can’t imagine how gorgeous it will be when the pink blooms open. I have landscape and climbing roses growing all around my many Rose of Sharon shrubs and I have never had a problem. I have clematis climbing through one of mine as well and they both thrive.

  2. Nancy I think that is an awesome development to have that rose bonding with the shrub! Old gardening books actually often design just to that end, suggesting pairs of plants to locate together so one can bloom within another, at different times of the season. I’m sure you can whack the rose back if it gets selfish about the space. Really though it seems wonderful, so graceful and romantic in the photo!

    • You know, after I posted that question I found out that many gardeners deliberately plant climbing roses that will wind through trees. So, I’m taking your suggestion and simply enjoying this happy accident. 🙂

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