Memorial Day Flowers

For a number of years now a friend and I have gone to Countryside Gardens and Motman’s, two garden centers in Allendale.  I didn’t buy too much this year.  I needed another flat of marigolds to finish up one small bed.  And I needed a few pots to fluff up various gardens.

I noticed that one of the clematises is starting to bloom.  I haven’t looked up which one this is (and I can’t remember) but I’m pleased it survived the winter.  I bought three vines after Labor Day last fall and then didn’t get them in the ground very quickly.  I’m quite pleased they seem to be thriving.  I know the middle vine is a Sweet Autumn.  I LOVE those!

Geraniums, Petunias, and the New Owl Box

Blue Clematis Beginning to Bloom

One of the new pots landed on the little table in the Secret Garden.  Notice the dogwood that is in full bloom.  I think it likes the the new watering system.

The Old Dogwood in Bloom

Little Table in the Secret Garden

I hope the mulch comes this week!!  I’m in need of some weed control.

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