Atlanta Botanical Garden

I went to a conference in Atlanta over the weekend.  How wonderful to wander around in a skort, tank top, and a light shirt.  My friend Maja and I went to the Botanical Garden Saturday afternoon.  It was lovely. And, how wonderful to learn that my membership at Meijer Garden here in Grand Rapids allowed me to get into the Atlanta Garden for free.  What a wonderful perk!!

I met this “wind in the willow” frog just past the entrance to the garden. He seemed deep in thought.

It was a warm day and the wind was gearing itself into a storm, though, to be honest, I never saw a single rain drop of heard a peal of thunder.  On this lovely Saturday afternoon I saw a conservatory full of orchids.  They were beautiful!  In fact,  I piked up a single plant at the grocery store today.  I have visions of a sun room filled with orchids.  I wonder how long that will last.

Large baskets suspended over a pond

At first Maja and I were hesitant to go into the orchid house. It was such a beautiful day and neither of us had seen beautiful days in our norther climes–she in Maine, I in Grand Rapids.

But then we walked into the orchid house.  Ohhhhhhhh. They were achingly beautiful.






A Wall of Orchids

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