Fresh Snow

It snowed last night and I was greeted this morning by the reassuring rumble of a snow plow clearing out my drive way.  We didn’t get enough to snow anyone in, at least here in Grand Rapids.  The lake shore may have gotten more.  But everything is dressed in caps of snow.  I emptied another bag of cracked corn and set it out in the rose medallion.  The cat and I enjoy watching the large flock of sparrows and juncos who seem to find the corn moments after I set it out.  I suspect the cat’s bird watching motivation is somewhat different than mine.

Snow capped stadle

The wind is picking up and the forecast says we will get gusts up to 22 miles per hour.  So, I bundled up and ventured out to take a few pictures before the wind blew all the snow caps away.



Limelight hydrangea dressed in snow
Entrance to the secret garden
Blue light special
Nobody home

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