In Bleak Mid-Winter

Actually, today isn’t that bleak.  We got fresh snow last night and now the sky is crystal blue.  My semester is over and so are all my holiday concerts.  There were six this year, and I did some extra caroling with a small group in the lobby before several of the concerts.

But the wind is light and the sun is as warm as it will get in a West Michigan winter.  And for the first time in weeks I ventured into the garden to take pictures.

Hansa Rose Hips

Holly Berries

The Hansa rose hips add a nice touch of color this time of year.  I wondered if the squirrels would nibble at these, but so far they’ve not shown much interest.  Perhaps the cracked corn that I set out for them and the birds is more tempting.  Or perhaps it is merely more convenient.  I can also just see the bright red holly berries over by the garage.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the Garden Lady wearing her Juliet cap of snow.

Three more months until Spring.

Holly Berries

Garden Lady in Juliet Cap of Snow

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