Butterflies and Blossoms

I’ve been slammed with work, and, I confess, a new diversion.  I bought a recumbent tricycle and have been exploring local bike trails.  But whether I’m riding past Indian burial mounds and Grand River bayous or reading masters theses, the garden grows.  And grows.

Butterfly on mandevilla flower

I planted several mandevilla vines hoping they would temporarily fill in the empty spaces along the west side of the Secret Garden.  They aren’t, but I like the flowers.  And, apparently, so does this skipper butterfly.

There are lots of white flowers happening in the garden right now.  Tardiva is in full bloom.   As is the phlox.  I had hoped the moonflowers that bloomed last night would still be opened this morning when I took these shots, but, alas, they were not.  I keep thinking I need to go out at night and take pictures.  But the moonflower plants are so big they completely drape across the pathway.  I discovered a ripening seedpod, though.  These are such strange looking fruits!

Datura Seedpod (with Nicotiana)


The white liatris on the west side of the Secret Garden is done, but the clump on the east side, next to the garage, is just starting.

Just outside my kitchen window Limelight Hydrangea is in full bloom.  I love the way it turns from green to white.

Limelight Hydrangea

And lastly, I couldn’t resist including here yet another picture of the entrance to the Secret Garden.

Entrance to the Secret Garden

7 thoughts on “Butterflies and Blossoms

  1. Dear Patterna, Having just returned from a somewhat extended absence, I was delighted to see that your new found interest has not deflected you from writing your weblog. Even more so that you too enjoy white flowers [where possible, my entire garden in London is based on a theme of green and white]. Whilst I grow Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’, I have never had ‘Limelight’ which really does look remarkable and is clearly doing well for you.

    On warm summer evenings the whites in the garden positively glow and are always the last to disappear as night falls.

  2. I also have several white blooms at this time. I love them and find the idea of a moon garden very appealing… next project? I am putting white hydrangea on the top of the list. Yours are lovely. Pam

  3. Dear Patterna, like Edith above I grow Hydrangea annabelle which is gorgeous this summer, the entrance to your secret garden is very enticing, it’s wonderful that our gardens keep growing even when we are working, cycling, sleeping…

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