Name this Bug!

I’ve never seen this critter before, but I found it feasting on the White Dome Hydrangeas in the front garden.  It has a long proboscis that looked to be slurping up nectar. I’m not much of an insect fan.  I do enjoy watching all the buzzing insects on the hydrangeas, but I do all gardening with gloves because, um, I don’t want to touch a bug.  I know.  It’s one of those irrational things.  But this bug was actually kind of pretty with its orange head and shimmery bluish wings.

Mystery Bug

6 thoughts on “Name this Bug!

    • Pam, it’s not a firefly. Those are plentiful in my garden, and therefore easily recognizable. This insect is bigger.

  1. Dear Garden 337, I am afraid that I can be of little help as, rather like you, I do not ‘do’ bugs. Any to be dealt with I rather cowardly leave in the capable hands, sometimes literally, of my gardener/handyman, J.

    That said, I do so admire your hydrangea – I think that all of the lacecaps are particularly elegant.

    Thank you for picking my latest posting, through which I have found you. I have added your weblog as one of my ‘Favourites’ on Blotanical in order to keep in touch.

  2. Holy smokes! I’m drawn to the lovely picture of your front yard. If that’s what the neighborhoods in Grand Rapids look like, I need to find a realtor. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. i am afraid that i rather like bugs but i dont recognise this one, it doesn’t seem to be harming the delightful hydrangea though…

  4. Any luck identifying this guy yet? These are swarming the lower leaves of my hollyhocks right now. However, after shooing a lightening bug from my house this weekend, these seem smaller than lightening bugs.

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