21st Century schizoid hydrangeas

Those of a certain age and disposition might flashback to a certain King Crimson album.  And, I must admit the title of this entry is a bit over-stated.  And the hydrangea condition that leads me to that title is diagnose-able.  If that isn’t a word, it should be.  My Forever and Evers (or are they Endless Summers)(I’m too lazy to look it up in my the book where I keep track of everything I plant) are multi-colored.  Last year I had sky-blue, electric blue blooms.  This year, I have schizoid blooms.  Some are flat out pink.  Others are violet.  A couple are a mixture.  And a very few of them are that glorious blue that hydrangea parents yearn to see.

Schizoid hydrangeas

Honest.  I’ve been faithfully dosing them with aluminum sulphate.  Nerts to that.  Last year I used something called Holly Tone.  I’m switching back.  In fact, I’ve put two Holly Tone treatments on the soil in the past week.  I know, that’s probably more than I should do, but the hydrangeas are blooming early and I want BLUE!! And it seems to be doing a little bit of what it’s supposed to do.  Besides a friend who is a master gardener told me to do it.

This hydrangea by the kitchen window is particularly confused.

Confused hydrangea bloom

What isn’t confused are the cherries.  They, too, are early, though.  But look at this glorious red.

Ripening cherries

The tree is so heavy with cherries that I’m worried a limb will break.  I’ve propped it up with a left-over fence picket.  One more week should do it.  Then a friend and I can pick cherries and leave the rest for birds and squirrels.  It will be clean within two days. So the old limb just has to hang in there a little bit longer.

I thought I would include in this post a picture a friend took today–out my kitchen window. This is my view every morning. I sit at my computer, drink my coffee, read and answer e-mail, read the NY Times, and check Blotanical.   In the winter I dump a bag of cracked corn every week (and toss out stale cereal and bread) at the edge of the rose medallion so that I can watch birds, squirrels, and rabbits.  The cat especially enjoys that activity.

View from my kitchen window

You can see how the dutchman’s pipe has created a green wall that “hides” the Secret Garden.  I have White Dome hydrangeas in front of the vines, and some Blue Knight Caryopteris.  I also have a variegated caryopteris.  These get huge, testament to the benefits of gravely soil.  My master gardener friend has clay and he just can’t get caryopteris to survive more than a couple of years.

That’s a Limelight Hydrangea just below the window to the left.  And you can just see a couple Francis Williams hostas.  There SHOULD be a fountain in the middle of the rose medallion, but, of course, I broke it.  I’ve ordered a new one and really hope it arrives this week.  I’m having my annual party where I sing, show off the gardens, and cook my brains out.  These are three things I love and I am truly blessed that I can put them all together and celebrate the arrival of summer.  Though, now that there are only seven days before the big event I have gone into “what in the world was I thinking” mode.

2 thoughts on “21st Century schizoid hydrangeas

  1. My hydrangeas do the same thing, although I have never given them anything, and they are not Endless Summer. I actually like the purple that they seem to be turning into.
    Great view from your window.

  2. They’re awfully nice blooms, whatever they are supposed to be! That party sounds like a lot of fun, and the view from your window is lovely!

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