A tour of the Secret Garden on Almost Wordless Wednesday

The entrance to the Secret Garden
The bed next to the entrance
Southwest corner
Looking toward the entrance from inside the garden
View from the west side of garden
Seating area in northwest corner
Daylily bed in center island
New Dawn rose

Author: garden337

I am a gardener, a singer, a writer, a professor, a cook. I love vibrant colors and fine details. I write, I teach, I sing, I plant, I cook.

4 thoughts on “A tour of the Secret Garden on Almost Wordless Wednesday”

  1. What a lovely garden you have! Gravel paths are perfect to achieve the cottage look, so nice for volunteer seedlings to pop up as well. We also love Hidcote and Zagreb. How nice that they can thrive in as diverse climates as Michigan and Tennessee. 🙂

  2. The figure with the largish head is a great “full stop” at your entrance. Nicely placed garden statuary makes a good garden great. Well done in your secret garden.

    No secrets in my garden: we’re pretty exposed on all sides to neighbors, no matter how many trees I plant;)

    Christine in Alaska

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