Raindrops on Lady’s Mantle and roses

I love the way raindrops and dew bead up on Lady’s Mantle (alchemilla).  A friend gave me this clump when he was doing some spring divisions several years ago.  It seems to like my soil far better than his.  Or, I have more sun than he does.

Raindrops on Lady's Mantle

And, if I show the raindrops on the Lady’s Mantle, I must show raindrops on roses, too.

Raindrops on rose

This, of course, is the White Dawn that is in full bloom right now.  The old climber near the back door is also in full bloom and seems blissfully free of sawfly larvae.  In fact, both rose bushes are free of larvae.  Hand plucking the little critters did the trick.

6 thoughts on “Raindrops on Lady’s Mantle and roses

  1. I do love ladies mantle, we use a ton if it at the flower shop this time of year. I have a garden with a border edge of muscari, which looks really ratty after the flowers finish, I am thinking about planting it amongst them, to see if they hide the fading muscari foliage.
    A belated welcome to Blotanical.

  2. Hello. I do love your raindrops on your rose!
    I am sure to be back as I am going to have to enjoy roses vicariously for the next couple of months as mine are finished for the year.
    I’ve just started to explore your lovely blog and loved the photo of Golden Celebration rose as well – I have a few Austin roses, but not that one…yet. Heidi.

  3. Hello! I love ladies mantle too and have two of them in my garden. I am waiting patiently on my Zepherines who have buds in place along with my Don Juan….rain drops on roses…if you can see the beauty in that, then I think you are a happy person. Thank you for sharing with us. M

  4. Good to hear the hand-picking did the trick for White Dawn – looks like you’re going to be rewarded with quite a display for some time to come. I’ve got a patch of achemilla mollis that positively wilts and looks so sad when it’s dry – perhaps it’s showing us how much it appreciates the rain by presenting the droplets in such a lovely manner. Welcome to Blotanical.

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