False Lupine

I bought a false lupine today.  I’m not quite sure what I have because one internet site called it baptisma.  I thought that was false indigo.  False lupine seems to have different leaves than the false indigo I bought earlier this summer.  I suppose I will just have to wait.   I also bought yet another nikko blue.  I put it in the false garden, not because it is a “false” plant, but because I hope it will get big enough to hide the neighbor’s garbage cart.  Such are the trials of urban living and gardening.  Their cart sits just a few feet from my new and now functioning side door.   But the nikko was so cheap!!  I love end of the season bargains.  And it’s a big plant.  I moved a small barberry and plunked it in front of the arborvitae.    I have two others that I’ll move, too.  I think I’ll transplant a holly to that spot.

New Nikko Blue, August 09

New Nikko Blue, August 09

I bought some lavender to put in the false garden, too.  Perhaps the scent will help mask the scent of the garbage cart.  I still have to arrange the rocks, and I have six more bags of mulch to spread.  If it doesn’t start raining again, I may do that this evening.

Here is a picture of my new access door to my garage.  I will steal one of the hollies there to put in the false garden.  I hate to disturb it because it is finally doing well.  But a holly that will get 10 feet tall probably renders any access door inaccessible. The white trim won’t be white for long. That’s just primer.  Notice the new window.  I think it is screaming for a window box.


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