Under Construction!

I didn’t know that I would actually be putting a “people door” in my garage this summer, but I am.  The guy who did my kitchen had some free time, so he’s putting in a door and replacing the rotted windows.  The people door means I can finally put in an electric garage door opener.  Such a luxury!

The secret garden is lush.  The moonflowers are huge and I was quite pleased today to see several large blooms had stayed open.  They tend to close up during the day.



I am also planning a new bed.   At the moment, I plan to make it my “false” bed and fill it with things like false indigo, false sunflower, false forgetmetnots, and false mallow.  I’m not sure how long this plan will last.  But the old sidewalk at the side of the house has now been removed, a water fawcet for the hose has been installed, and the grade has been leveled so water doesn’t funnel into the basement anymore.   So here is a “before” picture.   P1010245 I hate the new window wells, though.  Perhaps  the plants will hide them and the furnace pipes.

2 thoughts on “Under Construction!

  1. Beautiful moonflower! We just had the first of our collection open yesterday morning. However, by the time we returned home it had drooped. Do you have any idea why this bloom remained open? Shade? Steroids?

    • I can only guess that it is steroids. And, of course, my moonflowers love me so much that they stay open just because. Sigh. 🙂

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