Somehow it got to be August and I am getting reading to start the new academic year. But I’m also continuing to work on the secret garden. The blue theme is evolving. I bought catmint and stokesia, both on sale at a garden center. I love it when perennials go on sale. I also picked up three pots of english daisies, three pots of veronica, and some campanula. And I couldn’t resist a purple lace cap hydrangea that hasn’t been planted yet. I’m still trying to figure out where to put it. I’m attempting to create waves of blue, white, and yellow. The daylilies will provide some variation to that. In the picture below, the blues and yellows come primarily from the petunias and marigolds I planted earlier.

It’s hard, though, to be patient when a garden is new. There are so many blank spaces. I know they will fill in, and I know that I will be able to add more plants when I know how those spaces will fill. The lower garden has filled in wonderfully. In fact, I now know I need to add some color to it. I planted some red lobelia and I’m hoping that will add a wonderful splash of scarlet next summer.  But it needs more.  Just another touch of red between the two varieties of caryopteris might look good.

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