A Day Off

I did no gardening today.  In fact, other than attending a meeting and trying to sort out my mother’s health insurance, I did nothing except read e-mail, write a dazzling response to a listserv about the nature of innate ability in humans, and nod off in the garden.  Oh, I cleaned litter boxes.  I introduced a new cat in February.  My 19 year old brown tabby remains unimpressed, and both cats have expressed their displeasure through litter box offenses.  I have litter boxes all over the house at the moment, hoping those will be more interesting than the middle of the living room.  Or the television cabinet.  New cat, a female, decided that was a good target for spraying.  Five litter boxes, though, seems a bit much for just two cats.

Everything hurts today, including my fingernails.  Perhaps this blog should be about gardening with arthritis.  Some days are just flat out bad days and celebrex, extra strength tylenol, and blue emu cream don’t make much of a dent.  I can’t believe I actually spent $16 on something called blue emu cream.  I knew it wouldn’t work, but on days like this, you grab at little fragments of hope.  At least the stuff doesn’t smell weird, and it has aloe in it, so I am getting some moisturizer.  Of course, I could have paid $5 for that.

I must admit, though, that it is now 10 p.m. and my aches and pains have decreased a bit.  They are issuing frost warnings for tonight, so I gave the two baskets of annuals a good watering, hoping that will save them from getting nipped.  The temp is holding at 57 degrees, so perhaps it won’t dip quite as low as predicted.

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