School Reform

Below are links to articles that showcase the intense interest across the country regarding current school reform efforts.

September 9, 2014

Anti-Testing Movement Growing

There’s Something Happening Here

Connecticut Suspends School Rating System

Connecticut Governor, Seeking Reelection, Proposed Slight Reduction in Testing Time

Florida County Rescinds “Opt Out” Vote But Moves Forward Against Test Misuse and Overuse

Lee County Schools Crammed With Exams — Tests Administered on Every Day of the Academic Year

Testing Revolt Brews in Florida as Miami Superintendent Calls for “Pause” in School Accountability Testing

Kindergarten Testing in Florida: More Politically-Driven Madness

Georgia Suspends Test-Based Grades For At Least One Year

Georgia’s System to Grade Teachers is Paralyzing

New Tests Leave Indiana Teachers Scrambling

Group Tackles Indiana Education Issues

Excessive Testing Hurts Iowa Students

“Less Testing, More Learning” Campaign Launched in Massachusetts

Which Tests Should Minnesota Cut Back

New Hampshire District Tries to Opt Out of New Test

New Jersey Teachers Union Call to Scale Back Testing

Validity of New Mexico Teacher Evaluation System is Challenged

New York School Supers Blast State’s Test-Based Teacher Grades

Ohio Teacher: I Can No Longer Throw My Students to the Testing Wolves

Oklahoma Standardized Exams Have Failed the Test of Time

Oklahoma City Schools Chief Wants Third Grade Promotion Test Law Repealed

Pennsylvania Principals Question Role of Test Scores in Evaluation Process

Rhode Island Begins Review of Student Over-Testing

Exit Exam No Longer a Hurdle to Getting a South Carolina High School Diploma

University of Texas Professor Debunks Standardized Testing

Texas Mimics New York in Pushing Back Test Consequences

Utah Schools Prepare for “Failing” Grades From New Tests

Back to School Advice: Opt Out of High-Stakes Exams

Education is Not a Business

(Mis)Using Tests for the Wrong Purposes

Holding Kids Back Does Not Help Them Academically

Dickens and Standardized Testing

States That Lose NLCB Waivers Are Boon for Test Coaching Companies

September 3, 2014

Colorado Education Leaders Question Standardized Testing Fixation

Florida District Sets Precedent by Voting to “Opt Out” of Standardized Testing

Lee County Schools Opt-Out Action is First Real Public Stand

In MIami-Dade Schools, the Testing Never Ends

Taking It Beyond Testing: Minnesota Think Tank Report on School Funding Priorities

Mississippi County Superintendents Says Test Scores Are “Meaningless” and “Useless”

Keep New Jersey Test Scores in Proper Context

New York City Mayor Pledges to Scrap Test-Only Selective High School Admissiosn

New Mexico Students Decry Say Standardized Test Pressure Undercuts Learning

Oklahoma Will Not Use Scores From Failed McGraw-Hill Writing Exam

Texas Tests Are Developmentally Inappropriate; Scores Are Politically Manipulated — Great Letters to the Editor

Vermont Stands Up to Testing, Respects Students, Parents and Teachers

Washington State Educators Have a Message for Arne Duncan

Student Test Scores Do Not Drive National Economic Performance:

Teachers of Affluent Students Get Highest Evaluations

Common Core Testing Group Shortens English/Language Arts Assessment

A Question for Arne Duncan: Who is Really “Sucking Air” Out of Education?

Test-Optional College Admissions Movement Takes Off

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